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HA! HA! (a graffiti play)

In every relationship there's a secret work of Art.

In 1989 the Metropolitan Transit Authority retired the last graffitied subway train from service.  Twenty years later, graffiti partners Hazel and Yosemite are facing their own retirement from the ante meridiem city streets.  In amorous and tragic detail, HA! HA! follows one week of four diverging lives throughout the five New York City boroughs where graffiti came of age:  Hazel, a graffiti loyalist who pursues her die-hard provisional artistry to near fatal levels; Yosemite, her retiring graffiti partner on the cusp of either turning legit or self-destruction; Toffee, his benefactor, an art curator, and psychedelic yuppie who fronts the money for Yosemite’s break-out gallery show; and Vick, the recently graduated traffic enforcement agent who has been procured to replace Yosemite as look-out for Hazel.  HA! HA! is an exploration of the anywhere-canvas of the human spirit.  A naked glimpse of friendships and love, as beautiful, necessary, and temporary as the graffiti the characters are killing themselves to create.   

Status: rewriting

HA! HA! (a graffiti play) received a workshop production produced by the Labrats Theater Company in 2012.  It was directed by Scott Illingworth, featuring James Fauvell, Ana Maria Jomolca, Perry Lewis, Robert Karma Robertson, and the RATSCREW.

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