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After a late night visit from a pregnant and anxious Lily, Angelica, recovering from an emotionally crippling still-birth, finds herself lactating, but without child; meanwhile her stay-at-home husband, Hank, struggles to make sense of a potentially vile rumor about his best friend Izzy. 2M 2F

Where parents move to become adults.


CARROLL GARDENS ABORNING was produced by the Labrats Theater Company as part of the 2013 NYFringe Festival.  

It was directed by Liam Billingham, featuring Reuben Barsky, James Fauvell, Nika Ezell Pappas, and Melissa Rosenberger, who recieved an Overall Excellence Award for her perfromance as Angelica.

It was published online By Indie Theater Now in their best of FringeNY 2013 collection.

"Dial’s script feels authentic, capturing the sometimes befuddled and inarticulate manner people speak in during life’s most dramatic moments..."

 "...the fact that theatre can garner this kind of reaction is a great argument for the survival of the art form."

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