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Denny, a smartass stoner, and Annie, a millionaire bar owner, are unlikely best friends, living together in a small apartment in the East Village.  Denny has been content eking his way through life, scavanging off Annie and her money . . . that is until Annie becomes engaged to Ray, an actor who may or may not be all he claims.  Denny, now facing possible homelessness, is clueless as always, until Annie drops what appears to be a giant bag of Smarties in his lap, and mysterious circumstances begin to crystallize.  What unfolds involves a drug deal, a disappearance, a strange detective with a bad Russian accent, and a double cross that may or may not be a setup. 3M 1F


HOLLOW LOG was produced in 2009, directed by Kel Haney, featuring Joachim Boyle, Matt Yaeger, Andy Keampfer, and Erin Roberts.

"Log is a perfect little thriller for the post-Rent New York, where being a bohemian squatter just isn’t so cute anymore. Dial’s play perfectly captures the trendy East Village milieu...  (his) writing is sharp as a tack."

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